An Integrated Oncovirus Analysis Platform

Oncovirus is the culprit behind up to 15% of human cancers, among which are the well-known cervical carcinoma (CC), hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), and nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Seven types of virus, including HPV, HBV, EBV, HTLV, are classified as oncovirus. Here, we present this one-stop cloud platform for oncovirus research and visualization. Combined with our off-line tool (FuseSV, not published yet), you can pack and upload results with ease, and start experiencing oncovirus analysis like never before. Apart from conducting traditional studies of viral genome reconstruction, virus phylogenetic tree, viral rearrangements, viral integrations and fusions, we are proudly introducing our brand-new analyses including local haplotypes and viral protein 3D annotation models for the ones who'd like to understand their data better.


Integrated Cloud Platform

A one-stop cloud platform that consolidates existing tool chain and performs comprehensive analyses on cutting-edge topics for oncovirus research.

Interactive Data Visualizaton

By providing novel ways to visualize bioinformatic scenarios interactivelly, it boosts the working efficiency for researchers significantly.

Customization and Export

All data tables and visualizations are able to be downloaded and ready for customization, to be used directly as illustrations in publications.